About Victory Digital

We are a team of dedicated public relations, digital media and market research professionals. With extensive experience across numerous industries, we are intimately aware of the challenges – and opportunities – facing organizations, associations and businesses, both large and small.

We understand the need to deliver the results you desire, and we are committed to developing a plan to achieve them. We specialize in digital campaigns and social media, with three guiding principles as our foundation. We believe each campaign must be innovative, effective and affordable.

That’s our story. Now we want to help tell YOURS.

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We’re constantly adapting and updating our approach to ensure you’re campaign is cutting-edge.


Our efforts are designed to help you convince the right people to take the right action at precisely the right time.


Digital marketing is the most cost-effective advertising medium ever created. You will get maximum returns on a reasonable budget that ANY business can afford.

  • Social media is the single most powerful advertising tool ever created, nothing can touch it.

    - Steve Grubbs, Victory Enterprises, Inc. Chairman -
  • There is tremendous value in expanding your digital presence, and there’s no better time than now to get started.

    - Brandon Alexander, Victory Digital Campaign Manager -
  • Consumers are already out there looking for you. Let us help you meet them where they are going every day.

    - Joe Lakin, Victory Digital Director -

Our Services

Social Media Management

From strategic planning to regular posting and audience interactions, we can establish, expand, and energize your social media presence.

Social Media Advertising

Our innovative designs, compelling copy-writing, and precise placement will ensure your online advertising convinces the right people, to take the right action at the right time and place.

Viral Content Creation

There’s no magic formula for creating content that goes viral. It takes hard work and the consistent application of proven techniques. We’ve got the expertise to help your content take flight.

Website Design

Our website designs maximize the potential of social and mobile platforms while elevating the interactions between you and your audience.


In today’s search-driven online world, content is king. From site design to copy-writing, we can turn your blog into a lead-generation and audience-recruitment machine.

Authority Marketing

You’re an expert in your field with knowledge that your audience needs and values. We can show you how to turn your expertise into a marketable commodity that will turn you into a sought-after voice in your field.


Basic Program – Facebook



Per Month
  • Platform development
  • Weekly posts
  • Graphic content development
  • Monthly metric reporting
  • Micro-targeted advertising program

Advanced Program – Facebook



Per Month
  • Platform development
  • Multiple posts each week
  • Graphic content development
  • Monthly metric reporting
  • Micro-targeted advertising program

Additional Available Services



Per Month
  • E-mail marketing management
  • Additional digital mediums
  • Digital reputation management
  • Content marketing (blog creation)
  • Google adwords and SEO optimization

Our team

Steve Grubbs

Steve Grubbs Chairman

Steve Grubbs

Joe Lakin

Joe Lakin Digital Director

 Joe Laken

Charlie Puyear

Charlie Puyear Digital Campaign Manager

Brandon Alexander

Brandon Alexander Digital Campaign Manager

Brandon Alexander

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